Uniform, or GI is worn simply to protect skin and reduce fluid exchange (sweat etc.). Comes with white belt. Students may also wear their belt from other martial arts if appropriate.

Build out your JIDO GO-BAG

NOTE: The use of the term "REQUIRED" below indicates that these GO-BAG contents would encourage the safest training tools for inclusion in your equipment list.

JIDO Training Set (required) includes Headgear and Wrap-Around Uniform w/white belt.


JIDO Rubber Training Gun (required)

JIDO Rubber Training Knife (required)

JIDO Mouth Piece (required)

JIDO Groin Protector (required)

JIDO Chest Protector (required)

JIDO Gear Bag

Sweat shirts and logo shirts can be worn to class with KHAKI pants and sneakers when approved by instructor or group.

JIDO Polo Shirt