Over the years JIDO has become a contemporary training program with methods derived from hard-core Korean martial arts, military training elements, law enforcement and civilian life experiences and training. JIDO has come to best be described as training to ensure appropriate use of force which can be foggy at best. We try our best to teach Justifiable, Informed, Defensive, Options to any students anywhere who share our interest in getting it right!. JIDO also incorporates firearms and 21st century weapons in to the training. JIDO is not a combat sport.


Founder / Developer, Stephen Kirby
Kukkiwon 7th Dan, Law Enforcement, Military and Martial Arts - Instructor, with nearly 40 years Instructing.

Our approach is simple, our training modules leave nothing out - there we teach mindset, conditioning, weapon handling & proficiency.

Our advancement benchmarks deal with skills in the areas of empty-hand, non-firearm weapons (which can be improvised, lethal or non-lethal), and firearm weapons.